BSFM Superfan Snuffers Celebrity Death Pool

Score per death: (100 – Age) + Bonus Points = Total Score
Example: If your pick was 75 years old AND it was a ‘John Lennon’, you would get 75 points: (100 – 75) + 50 = 75

Season 3 of The BSFM SSCDP will run from after the 1st February 2023 until 31st Dec 2023. Celebrity Death Squads must contain 12 members.

Thou shalt not murder thy picks. Members are hereby forbidden from harming, murdering, or in any manner affecting the general health or well-being of any celebrity. Members that do not adhere to this rule will be expelled from The BSFM Superfan Snuffers Celebrity Death Pool permanently and shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Great Prizes to be won !!!

Bonus Points

The COVID Crisis: Half Points
Too easy it’s like shooting celebrity fish in a barrel

The Jimmy Saville: Half Points
Celebrity is outed as being a nonce after death

The Solo Pick: 25 Points
Your celebrity is not picked by anyone else

The Kurt Cobain: 25 Points
Celebrity dies from suicide.

The 27 Club: 27 Points
Celebrity joins Joplin, Morrison et al in the 27 club

The Marvin Gaye: 50 Points
Celebrity is killed by a family member

The Tupac: 100 Points
Celebrity is murdered by another celebrity

The Jill Dando: 50 Points
Celebrity is murdered but no killer is convicted

The Amy Winehouse: 25 Points
Celebrity dies from an accidental drug or alcohol overdose. Confirmed by toxicology.

The Matthew Perry: 25 Points
Celebrity passes in a hot tub death machine

The John Lennon: 50 Points
Celebrity is murdered. For the purposes of this game “murder” is defined as being killed against your will, at the behest of another, while having a reasonable expectation of not being killed.

The Michael Hutchence: 40 Points
Celebrity dies during an asphyx wank

The Michael Schumacher: 50 Points
Celebrity lives but is left in a vegetative state

The Rod Hull: 100 Points
Celebrity dies adjusting the aerial/sky dish

The Busby Babes: 25 points per team member
Multiple deaths from the same sports team.

The Daily Double: 50 Points
2 celebrities die in the same day (25 points for each celebrity). 3 celebs would be an extra 75 points, etc.

The Machine Gun Kelly: 75 Points
Celebrity dies on their birthday.

The Marc Bolan: 50 Points
Celebrity dies in any vehicle crash: Car, Motorcycle, Aircraft, Spacecraft, Hot Air Balloon, etc. This does NOT include being struck by a vehicle. The celebrity must be a passenger or driver.

The Elvis: 75 Points
Pronounced dead on the khazi

One Hump Too Far: 69 Points
Found dead in a brothel

The Kobe Bryant: 100 Points
Celebrity dies and takes a kid with them

The Trump: 50 Points
Dies while tweeting or announces they will be doing a ‘Kurt Cobain” and follows through

The Last Call: 100 Points
Celebrity dies on December 31st.

The Showstopper: 100 points
Celebrity death announcement whilst BSFM is live on air (They show must stop for a minutes silence)